Ron Paul
Human Life, FamilyPro Life, with Record to Prove ItStrongly Pro Death
CurrencyAbolish Federal Reserve, Return to Real Money
WarPro Military, Anti Aggression
TerrorismThey Attack Us Because We Are In Their Land
National SovereigntyNo NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA, WTO, or UN
FaithJesus Christ is My Personal Savior, I Seek His Guidance in All That I do
TaxesAbolish IRS, Replace with Nothing
2nd AmendmentGuns are Fundamental to Liberty
PrivacyGovernment Largest Threat to Privacy
Borders / ImmigrationSecure the Borders, No Amnesty
EducationParents, not Government, Raise Children
Home SchoolingUnmatched Support
MarriageGod, not Government, Instituted Marriage. Government Isn't God
EnvironmentPrivate Property rights are Key
AgricultureStrongly Opposes NAIS, Encourages Free Markets
Property RightsProperty Rights Foundation of All Rights
HealthcareCurrently Federally Disaster. Time to Take Back Our Health Care
EnergySupports Free Markets, Not Government Subsidies
RascismLiberty True Antidote to Rascism
Social SecurityFix System to Keep Promises to Seniors
Taxes on TipsPunishing Doing a Good Job is an Outrage
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